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The accident book is where all accidents and incidents are recorded in the workplace. This is a requirement under the RIDDOR regulations. You need to be able to document any accident that has occurred and actions you have taken to avoid the accident or incident from happening again. It is good practice to make sure that every type of accident, injury, or incident in the workplace is recorded correctly. These reports will be needed by organisations like the HSE, other government departments, or insurance companies to show the correct details of what has happened, to whom, actions taken, what injuries were received, when it happened, and other relevant information. There are different types of books, some paper and some digital, but basically, they will have all the same information recorded. You can buy accident books from the HSE and many other companies, including from the store on this website. We also in the download area have put some accident book sheets that you can print off and use. Commercial accident books usually have instructions and information at the start like how to fill in the book and the RIDDOR requirements then separate sheets for each accident record. An accident book holds people's personal data so it's very important to ensure that the information is kept in accordance with data protection regulations. This is why each sheet is separate and numbered. Once the sheet is completed you have to remove it and store it away safely in a secure location. You should never be able to pick up an accident book and see all the accident report sheets filled in on earlier reports. Anybody can fill in the accident book, it's not just an employer that can do it, and in some cases more than one accident report is completed.