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There are two main tools to help you to know what to do in an emergency. DRAB and the ABCD's.  DRAB means, "D" Danger, "R" Response. "A" Airway and "B" Breathing. This is similar to the ABCDs. 

The ABCDs concept is designed to give the first aider a guide to what to do first in a first aid emergency and to show all the primary care and life-threatening conditions. You start with the "A" for Airway and open the patient's airway by moving the tongue from the back of the throat, which often blocks breathing. Next, check for "B" for Breathing. If they are not breathing, check "C" for Circulation, Compression or CPR and you need to administer CPR. The next thing the patient needs is "D" for Defibrillation, where an electric shock interrupts a cardiac arrest and hopefully allows the heart to start again. Once these are all ok, then we move on to the "S" of serious bleeding, shock and spinal injury. All these will be covered in the course.